The call for abstracts for poster presentations is still open. Attendees wishing to present their work, research, products, technologies, insights in pulmonary and intranasal drug delivery are invited to submitted their abstract and ideas on line at: for poster presentations.

The author of an abstract selected for podium presentations will be able to register for free to attend IA17.

Attendees may submit a 500 words abstracts of their work to be considered for presentation at Inhalation Asia 2017 on the following topics:

-Bio equivalence for generic products: Jumping the hurdles to achieve bioequivalence.
-Regulatory science: Following the trends and evolution of regulatory requirements.
-Nasal products, the upside of inhalation development: How nasal drug delivery is buoyant with new opportunities.
-Devices, from e-technologies to new technologies: What’s driving device innovation?
-Formulations and technologies, innovation and improvements: New molecules, new formulations, new products: from cannabinoid to traditional Chinese medicines, triple therapies to inhaled ibuprophene, what new inhaled therapies are being developed.
-Beyond COPD and asthma: How new inhalation therapies address therapeutic needs: inhaled vaccines, tuberculosis treatments, traditional medicines, systemic delivery.
-eCigs, the other side of inhaled drug delivery: What can we learn from the development of e-cigarettes.
-Marketing analysis: Trends, values, players, approvals, what to watch out for.
-Training: optimizing inhalation projects, planning a formulation lab, designing for production, discovering new laboratory and development technologies.

Inhalation Asia is committed to open access to scientific publications. It is a pre-requisite of presenting at Inhalation Asia 2017 that ALL authors agree to make their abstracts and a copy of their poster or presentation available for free to all participants and on the Inhalation Asia website as a PDF file. Authors who do not wish their presentations or posters to be available for free for the benefit of the scientific community cannot present at Inhalation Asia.
Therefore, please note:

- Selected podium presenters will be offered free registration at Inhalation Asia 2017.
- Seleted poster presenters (one per abstract) will be able to register at the disocunted fee.
- Only registered participants will be able to present their work as poster or lecture. Abstracts will only be included in the Book Of Abstracts when the presenter's registration has been confirmed. Podium or poster presentations whose presenters are not registered will be removed from the attendees list 2 months before the event and will not be able to attend.
- Acceptance to present a poster or a lecture is deemed to be an acceptance of Inhalation Asia's Open Access policy.
- Acceptance of an invitation to present a poster or lecture is deemed to be an acceptance to make a PDF of the document/poster/presentation and abstracts presented available for free on the Inhalation Asia website. The copyrights of the document remain with the authors.

To submit an abstract to present a lecture or a poster at IA17, please use the form below.

Notes for the abstract: 500 words only. No references. No pictures. The abstract must be a summary of the message you will present, not an introduction. Abstracts that are introductions will be rejected.

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